Ulton Tilemahos Arm Eagle RTA 25mm

Item No.: 065
Ulton arm eagle rta is made in 25mm diameter of 1:1 quality, it comes with different size of airflow pins for MTL and DL vaping, features 4mm feeding channels. Juice control is made by drip tip.

25mm diameter;
510 threading;
5ml capacity
Top filling;
Removeable AD ring;
Juice controlled by drip tip;
4mm feeding channels;
Adjustable center pin to fit on all mods (ability to make it solid by totally screwing it, so excellent control on temperature devices)
Two options for building your coil: Regular coil and Spring Coil;
Different size of airflow pins for MTL and DL;
Feeding channels are lower for better and quicker feeding without opening a lot the liquid control;
Ability to see the liquid level;
Spitback protection


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