ULTON SQN Enduro 316SS MTL&DL RTA Combo 24mm

Item No.: 092
ULTON SQN Combo is an improvement, you are able to swtich MTL to DL by provided accessories without damaging your deck by disassembling them.

316SS construction material;
24mm diameter;
Connector: 510
Tank capacity: 5ml
Stainless steel components: 316L
Deck, chimney and closing ring: Aluminium ematalised, anodised
Centerpin: Ecobrass gold-plated
Mouthpiece: POM

ULTON Enduro Nduro Style 316SS 24mm RTA DL version is assembled, MTL drip tips, MTL closing ring, MTL deck are included in the accessories bag.
We made an improvement on base so that you are able to switch DL version to MTL version by replacing those accessories without damaging its deck by simple steps.
(With the improvement, the base is not in 1:1. Original and the 1:1 one we are producing doesn't allow you to disassemble the deck).



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