ULTON Sputnik RTA 3.8ml

Item No.: 134
ULTON Sputnik RTA comes with the bell has been designed to guarantee Sputnik RTA a great performance with flavor, a segment in which we allow ourselves to say that Sputnik has few rivals. The bell allows you to adjust the flow of the liquid. 2 extra airdi
  • Silver: ULTON Sputnik RTA 3.8ml
  • Description
    510 threading
    Adjustable airflow
    Air disks included

    1* ULTON Sputnik Style 22mm RTA 3.8ml  (6*0.8mm, comparable to 1.5hole)
    1* Airdisk 4*0.6mm (comparable to 1hole)
    1* Airdisk 6*0.6mm (comparable to 1.2hole)
    1* Accessory Bag


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