ULTON Skyline-R DL Version 22mm RTA

Item No.: 144
ULTON Skyline-R DL Version 22mm RTA is made of 316SS with 4 different DL airflow control.
  • Silver: ULTON Skyline-R DL Version 22mm RTA
  • Description
    Easy top filling
    SkyDeck  fully adjustable Air draw with 8 different options of AirDisks  (MTL airdisks are required to purchase separately)
    Airdisks are interchangamble without removing the build (plug&play) on the fly.
    Fully adjustable liquid control
    High heat resistance
    Double chamber
    Realtime accessibility on coil build deck (with full tank)
    Accessories Included
    1* Spare Drip Tip
    1* Airdisk-Skyline-R RDL 2mm  
    1* Airdisk-Skyline-R RDL 1.5x3mm  
    1* Airdisk-Skyline-R RDL 1.5x3.9mm  
    1* Airdisk-Skyline-R RDL 2x3.9mm  


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