ULTON Sim SX Style 25mm RTA 6.5ml

Item No.: 152
Short version of previous Simurg style rta;
Designed for restrictive DL (RDL) and MTL
Top coil 
MeExSo Mesh Deck (with loop-through technology)
AFC with cam lock
Conical filling hole on the side
Postless deck with 2 locking screws
The components such as decks, top caps, base caps are compatible with Simurg V1.5
Anti-O-ring cut AFC sleeve
6 stainless steel ropes as wicks
Extended fine adjustment on AFC sleeve and top caps
Different decks: mesh, (single coil and dual coil optional)
Every component can be exchanged, adapted or replaced
Designed for powerful battery mods
Gold-plated deck and positive pole

Package Included
1* ULTON Sim SX Style RTA
1* Replacement Glass Tank
2* Replacement Stainless Steel Cables
2* Mesh strips 6.8x51mm DL SS316 (6.8x22mm ~ 0.1 Ohm | 45-70 Watt)
2* Mesh strips 4x51mm MTL NiCr80 / 20 (4x20mm ~ 0.22-0.23 Ohm | 18-22 Watt)
1* Accessory Bag


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