ULTON Millennium V1.1 Style 316SS 22mm RTA

Item No.: 110
Millennium RTA is made in 316SS material, it comes with 3 different interchangeable bells and 3 different sizes of plus poles.
  • Silver: ULTON Millennium RTA 22mm
  • Description
    Capacity: 4 ml
    Size:D22 mm*H44mm(without driptip)

    Thread: 510
    Fireplace exchangeable: 12, 13 and 14 mm
    3 different bells interchangeable (pre-installed one)
    6 adjustable airflow holes
    3 different sizes of the positive post with airflow (pre-installed one)
    Filling system for liquid adjustable Control

    Package Included
    1* ULTON Millennium V1.1 Style 316SS 22mm RTA 4ml (1.2mm airflow deck)
    2* Extra Bell
    1* Spare Kit 


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