ULTON MELAMPOUS Chorus Style 22mm RTA 4ml

Item No.: 147
510 threading;
SS body + PMMA tank;
Faithful to MTL roots (2*0.8 flat);
low profile feeding;
noticeable thorat hit;
rich and smooth draw;
Mesh plates added in the wicking channels of the deck, where cotton lays absorbing
only the necessary liquid.Thus, the draw is dry and flavorful with a noticeable throat hit, while there`s no overwicking
rustling or gurgling.
Deck with two air holes of 0.8 mm below the coil
and AFC with three holes of 1.70 mm & two of 1.00 mm on each side

Package Included
1* ULTON MELAMPOUS Chorus Style 22mm RTA 4ml
1* Pack of Accessories


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