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ULTON Hellfire Cobra 18650 Squonk Mod

Item No.: 019
ULTON hellfire cobra is a high-end squonk mod installed with 1:1 Bomber Pro chip and 7ml bottle.
  • Yellow: ULTON Hellfire Cobra 18650 Squonk Mod
  • Description

    PEI and stainless material;
    510 connection;
    Hybrid connection;
    7ml capacity;
    Fire on: LED red and LED Blue power on;
    No atom: Fast led Blue flashing;
    3 Click: ON/ OFF(flashing alternately led for 3 times);
    5 Click: Stealth mode (with fire active, led off);
    Short protection: Fast LED flashing;
    Low battery warning;
    Cut-off protection;
    Puff time protection;
    Reverse battery protection;
    Replaceable bottle and juice tube inside the bottle can be purchased Separately.


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