ULTON Emotion RTA 23mm

Item No.: 062
ULTON Emotion RTA is made of 316SS in 1:1 quality, with unique top-fill: three position top cap "Fill", "Vape", "Closed". Installed with 4.5ml capacity glass tank with different decks options for coil building.

316SS material;
23mm diameterl;
4.5ml capacity;
Engraved logo;
Top-fill three position top cap "Fill", "Vape", "Closed";
Very easy coil mounting and wick placement;
Fill the tank without removing any parts from the atomiser;
The tank can be completely closed and removed (even when full);
Adjustable air flow ring;
4mm maximum air flow;
Single or dual coil with interchangeable decks (other decks available separately);
Adjustable gold plated 510 connection;
Replaceable borosilicate glass;
Deck is accessible even with full tank;
Non-conductive components inside the chamber (deck and chimney);
Gold plated 510 contact;
316L Stainless steel with anodised aluminium accents


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