Ulton Diplomat Style 23mm MTL RTA Atomizer

Item No.: 157
Diameter 23mm
Height 40.45mm
Capacity 4.5ml to 5.1ml depending on the bell

Materials: SS316
Brush stainless
SS Drip Tip
PC / PSU tank
PEEK Insulators
Airpin: 1.8mm
Airflow: 0.8mm, 1mm,1.2mm,1.4mm,1.6mm,2mm
Comes with three different bells to refine the flavor rendering.
It is also equipped with an adjustable airflow ring (draw from 0.8 to 1.8mm)
Ulton Diplomat Style MTL RTA is a bottom fill pure MTL atomizer with an attractive price.
Made of 316 stainless steel and designed with new airflow technology creating a flavorful and intense stream of vapor without turbulence.
The compactness and simplicity of the Ulton Diplomat Style MTL RTA atomizer allows easy cleaning and rebuilding of the coils.

Package Included
1* Ulton Diplomat Style 23mm MTL RTA (Duke bell and PC tank preinstalled)
2*  Extra bells (Hawkbill and Rhodesian)
1* PSU tank
1* Spare parts
1* Deck-opening tool


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