ULTON Citadel RDA 22mm

Item No.: 021
ULTON citadel rda is made of 316ss in 1:1 quality, features 22mm diameter, comes with both squonk pin and solid pin. An upgrade product for hadaly with ultem chamer reducer to enhance flavor and warmth.

316SS material;
510 threading;
22mm diameter;
Peek Insulators;
Precise tolerance;
Black Delrin Drip Tip;
Unique Ultem Chamber Reducer To Enhance Flavor and Warmth;
Dual Sided Slotted Post with Large Flathead Securing Set Screws;
Hadaly Styled Airflow Angled Downward for Minimizing Leaks;
Integrated Squonk 510 pin (Plug Screw is Located in the Bottom of the Deck);
Spare Parts Kit (Spare O-Rings, Spare Set Screws, Squonk Plug Screw Tool);
Both squonk pin and standard 510 solid pin included.


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