Original ULTON Korina V8M RTA 25mm

Item No.: 004
ULTON Korina V8M is an upgrade from Korina v8, features 25mm diameter and two different airflow caps for different vaping. 510 adapter allows you to use either 510 or 810 drip tip in one atomizer.
Origianl Product Designed and Bulit by ULTON

25mm diameter;
316SS construction material;
510 threading;
11ml capacity;
Peek insulator;
Velocity style deck;
510 adapter for 510 drip tip on triangle airflow cap;
810 drip tip for rectangle airflow cap;
Remains same size of Korina 23mm for chamber and buliding deck;
Compatiable with 510 and 810 drip tips (Simply assemble 510 adapter for 510 drip tip);

Replacement tank can be purchased separately.


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