ULTON Hussar II RDA 22mm/24mm

Item No.: 117
ULTON Hussar II is made of 316SS material in 22mm diameter with 24mm beauty ring, features anti-Spin Lock Mechanism and comes with interchangeable top piece (X, MTL X, RDTA + compatible)
4 Holes (1.5mm each) Milled at an Angle for best flavour and To Pr
  • Silver: ULTON Hussar II RDA 22mm/24mm
  • Description

    316 Stainless Steel 
    Anti-Spin Lock Mechanism
    Interchangeable Top Piece (X, MTL X, RDTA + compatible) 
    Beauty Ring Included In The Set
    4 Holes (1.5mm each) Milled at an Angle for best flavour and To Prevent Leaking
    Delrin Drip Tip


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